• Quick-Change Sweepout Pockets and Assemblies

    Dura Temp's quick-change sweepout assemblies allow for excellent straight-lining of containers, easier/faster job changes, lower labor requirements, reduced machine downtime and increased pack rates.

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  • Custom Solutions for Glassmakers Worldwide

    Dura Temp brings over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing custom hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide.

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  • Lehr Bars, Pockets and Deadplates

    Dura Temp offers lehr stacker bars, pocket assemblies, several contact material options, and coated lehr and cross conveyor deadplates. Dura Te mp's lehr stacker bar is a twin tube style that allows for the pockets to be adjusted and positioned as necessary, to accommodate multiple styles of containers.

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  • FortiPHY Coated Transfer and Lehr Deadplates

    FortiPHY coated deadplates are the best choice for ware transfer plate applications in both the hot and cold ends. The specialized coating process results in an extremely hard and smooth surface to enhance glass container transfers from one conveyor to the next.

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Improving pack rates with reduced downtime, exceptional service, proper ware handling, rapid order deliveries, constant innovation, and enhanced product output.

Dura Temp Corporation

Dura Temp Corporation is an industry-leading supplier of hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide.  From the gob forming area through the lehr loader, Dura Temp offers superior materials, quick-change parts and assemblies, and technical experience that allow glassmakers to achieve optimum results in the hot end.  Dura Temp is continuously evaluating the changing needs of the glass industry and adapting the solutions it offers to best meet these needs.

Dura Temp is also pleased to offer:

  • Technical support for new product development
  • Quick order turnaround time and delivery time
  • Standard products and custom solutions
  • Local market support through an extensive network of agents and distributors
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Technical and

Customer Support

Quality and innovation do not just apply to our products….

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Job changes and new container runs present many challenges…..

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Research and


As glassmakers are required to handle more challenging containers more efficiently…

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